We have all the seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables straight from the farm for Canning, Pickling, Drying and Preserving.

Your goal is to put up the freshest, tastiest, healthiest, most nutritious. Whether a first-timer or a Pro.

Fruits and Vegetables.

We have the farm fresh produce you need to make that possible!
Whether you’re eating canned asparagus from the Spring,
pickles, peaches, or tomatoes, from the Summer,
kraut cabbage or apple sauce from the Fall

Every flavorful bite harkens you back to the Season. You can be confident in what your family is eating, because you’ve controlled step-by-step the ingredients, quality and flavor.

You can take pride of the colorful jars in your pantry packed with nature’s best, you’ll feel a since of accomplishment to reveal it’s sumptuous goodness.

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